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Edge of Dock Leveler Installation Guide [Step-By-Step]

by Carllaen Joshua Gonzales 15 Dec 2023 0 Comments

Installing a new mechanical or hydraulic edge of dock leveler can get messy if it's not done right. It's also dangerous if you don't know the right pre-cautions or safety measures to take.

Whether you're a seasoned professional looking for a quick refresher or a DIY enthusiast eager to take on the task, our step-by-step instructions will walk you through the entire process, ensuring that you achieve optimal functionality and safety. Let's get started!

Note: These are general instructions, but we do not guarantee that these will work in every case. We don't take any responsibility for the installation process. We recommend that you follow the manufacturer's instructions or hire a professional to do the installation if you are not comfortable to do it yourself.

How to install an edge of dock leveler

Installing an edge of dock leveler is simple and does not take a lot of time and work. Follow the instructions below to properly install the leveler.

  1. Inspect the dock leveler for any types of damages or any missing parts once you receive the unit. If there are any, prepare a claim against the carrier if needed.


  2. Prepare the dock surface and clean for any obstacles or debris. Scrape the vertical steel face of the dock of any bumps like an old bolt sticking out or excess concrete. This may interfere with the welding procedure and the straightness of the leveler.

    installing an edge of dock leveler

  3. Using a tape measurer, mark the center of the mounting surface. Marking the left and right edges of the faceplate will also help once you position your leveler in place.

    marking center line for edge of dock leveler installation

  4. Using a secured harness or a forklift, lift the leveler into place so that the base plate is flat to the face of the dock. Keep the mounting plate positioned at the center and a quarter inch below the dock surface. Make sure that it is plumb and level to ensure proper operation.

    installing edge of dock leveler base plate

  5. Tack weld each side of the base plate to the dock surface to hold it in place. It is best to tack weld one side first, then proceed to the other side. Be sure not to interfere with the hinge tubes to allow smooth operation.

    tack weld edge of dock leveler

  6. One at a time, lift the bumper block in position up to the dock edge. Make sure that the top is leveled with the floor and the side has a quarter inch space from the leveler's base plate.

    installing edge of dock leveler bumper block

  7. Repeat the same step to the other bumper block.

    installing edge of dock leveler other bumper

  8. Weld the bumper block along the top and sides to secure it in place.

    tack weld edge of dock leveler bumper

  9. Continuously weld the base plate along the top and all the vertical edges to secure it in place. Make sure that the base plate is firmly up flat against the dock face. Be careful not to interfere with the hinge tubes to allow smooth operation.

    weld edge of dock leveler top base plate

  10. Spot weld in the holes located at the bottom of the base plate. Use the maintenance strut for safety and support.

    spot weld holes on edge of dock leveler

  11. When the installation of the dock leveler and bumper blocks is finished, remove the bolt from the end of the lifting bar.

    installing edge of dock leveler handle bar

  12. With the handle pointing forward, place the bar into the bracket by the leveler's side and tighten the bolt.

    insert edge of dock handle bar to the bracket

  13. To adjust the tension as needed, carefully lift the center plate and then the lip plate. Using a wrench, loosen the two set screws from the spring winding assembly. Retighten the set screws while maintaining a firm grip on the spring winding assembly.

    adjust the tension of edge of dock leveler

  14. Proceed with caution to return the leveler to its stored position. Keep the unit from falling freely as this could harm the leveler. When in stored position, it should pass slightly over the bumper block.

    close edge of dock leveler to stored position

  15. Do a test to see if everything is functional. If it seems hard to operate, readjust the tension by repeating the previous step.

    installing edge of dock leveler cycle test

  16. For final touches, repaint the area with weld marks and any other spot that needs to be touched up after the installation process.

    final touches after edge of dock leveler installation

How much does it cost to install an edge of dock leveler?

Installing a mechanical edge of dock leveler is a lot less complicated compared to bigger and heavier levelers like hydraulic ones. You can expect to pay around $500 for installation, depending on labor costs. 

You can check out our article about dock leveler installation costs for more info on this.

How to use an edge of dock leveler

By utilizing a lift-free handle, operating a mechanical dock leveler is a simple two-step procedure. To raise the lip over dock height mechanically, just pull back the bar handle. After then, the lip can rest on the truck bed with a small forward push.

Read our guide on how a dock leveler works to learn more about the different types of dock levelers.

Let us install your dock leveler

Yes, it's possible to install your dock leveler yourself. But it's even better (and safer!) to let an experienced professional do it. At WarehouseWiz, we can install edge of dock levelers, repair them, and maintain them. Save yourself some time and let us take care of this tedious process. Contact us today for more information on installing your edge of dock leveler!

You can also browse through our available dock leveler models and get a quote from us!


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