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How High Can a Pallet Jack Lift?

by Ion Rotaru 29 Jan 2024 0 Comments

Pallet jacks can do a lot, but how high can they lift? As an essential piece of equipment in your warehouse, this is something you must know. Let's get right into it!

How tall does a pallet jack lift?

Standard pallet jacks are designed to lower 3 inches off the ground and lift loads to a height ranging from 7 to 8 inches off the ground. This height is sufficient for moving palletized goods onto and off of trucks, shelves, and storage racks.

Standard pallet jack lifting height

However, for operations that require greater vertical reach, specialized high-lift pallet jacks are available. Also known as scissor lift pallet jacks, these are engineered to reach greater heights than a standard pallet jack.

They feature a scissor mechanism that allows for vertical expansion beyond the capabilities of traditional pallet jacks. The lifting height of high-lift pallet jacks can vary depending on the model and manufacturer, but it commonly ranges from 20 to 32 inches.

how high can a pallet jack lift

What is the highest a pallet jack can lift?

For a standard manual pallet jack, the highest it can lift is up to 8 inches off the ground. On the other hand, high-lift pallet jacks can lift loads up to 32 inches high.

However, the lifting height capacity of pallet jacks can still vary depending on several factors such as the type of pallet jack, load distribution, load center, and weight capacity.

how high can a pallet jack go

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To wrap it up

It is important to understand the lifting height capacity of the pallet jack model you are using in order to avoid accidents or damaging the goods. Factors that affect the pallet jack's lifting height capacity should also be taken into consideration. 

If you need to lift loads to higher elevations, you may want to consider using a forklift or other material handling equipment specifically designed for vertical lifting. Always remember to adhere to safety guidelines and the manufacturer's specifications when operating any material handling equipment.

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