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How Much Does an Electric Pallet Jack Cost?

by Carllaen Joshua Gonzales 23 Jan 2024 0 Comments

To determine how much is an electric pallet jack, we looked at the 12 most popular electric jack models on the market. We listed all of them in a table, including the price, model number, brand, capacity, and an image to see what they look like.

Based on our analysis, the average price of an electric pallet jack is $5009. With some models that cost as much as $8000, and some that are quite affordable at $2499.99.

Take a look at the table below to see the details for each model we analyzed:

 Brand/Model Lifting Capacity Price Image
WarehouseWiz - EPT44 4400 lbs $2999.99 how much does an electric pallet jack cost
WarehouseWiz - EPT33 3300 lbs $2499.99 how much is an electric pallet jack
Crown - WP3200 4500 lbs $5240.00 electric pallet jack price
Uline - H-4710 4500 lbs $8000.00 electric pallet jack price
Uline - H-7505 2600 lbs $3950.00 uline electric pallet jack cost
Uline - H-4709 3000 lbs $5450.00 uline electric pallet jack price
Jungheinrich - EJE120 4500 lbs $5495.00 jungheinrich electric pallet jack cost
Blue Giant - SEPJ-33 3300 lbs $3900.00 blue giant electric pallet jack price
Blue Giant - EPJ-25 2500 lbs $5640.00 electric pallet jack costs
Global Industrial - 988993 3300 lbs $5118.00 electric pallet jack prices
Toyota - 8HBW23 4500 lbs $7,986.00
Apollolift - A-1030 4400 lbs $3850.00 aopllolift electric pallet jack price

Note: Prices listed are in CAD and valid as of January 23rd, 2024. For more accurate information, please visit the manufacturer's website.

Get a quote for your next electric pallet jack

As you might've noticed, the WarehouseWiz models are the most affordable electric jacks on the market right now. But why are they cheaper than others? Are they lower quality? No, in fact they are made to the same standards that our competitors make them. Our factory is accredited, certified, and we quality check every single electric pallet jack that comes out of them.

Not only that, but our electric jacks are equipped with the new Lithium-ION batteries. Compared to lead-acid batteries, our batteries have been proven to last longer, charge faster, and be much more compact. What's more is they don't require any maintenance, saving you dozens of hours of work on top of that.

The actual difference is that we don't have distributors, sales people, show rooms, or a large marketing team. All of these things cost money. What this means is that we can bring our electric pallet jacks directly to our customers, cutting out unnecessary costs and middle-men.

So what are you waiting for? Get a quote on your next electric pallet jack. Or shop one online right now!

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