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8 Types of Electric Pallet Jacks + Examples & Applications

by Ion Rotaru 05 Jun 2023 0 Comments

We're diving into the exciting world of pallet jacks today. But not just any pallet jacks - electric pallet jacks! These power-packed machines take your material handling game to a whole new level. Let's dive in and learn about all the types of electric pallet jacks!

8 Types of Electric Pallet Jacks Infographic

8 Types of Electric Pallet Jacks

You'd be amazed at the sheer variety of electric pallet jacks out there. Here's a list (with images and example) on some of the key players in the game:

Electric Walkie Pallet Jack

Electric Walkie Pallet Jack

Our first stop is the Electric Walkie Pallet Jack. It's a popular choice for warehouse applications. Walkie jacks are easy to use and perfect for moving around loads in tight spots. They're compact, and due to new Lithium-ION battery technology, they're just as powerful and long-lasting as their bulkier predecessors. You'll also find them hustling around in supermarkets or retail stores, helping stock shelves.

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Electric Rider Pallet Jack

Electric Rider Pallet Jack - Types of Electric Pallet Jacks

Next up is the Electric Rider Pallet Jack. This big guy is designed for longer distances. With a handy platform for the operator to stand on, it's perfect for large warehouses or distribution centers.

Center Rider Electric Pallet Truck

Center Rider Electric Pallet Truck - Types of Electric Pallet Jacks

The Center Rider Electric Pallet Truck is designed for heavy-duty applications. With a central standing position for the operator, it's ideal for swift loading/unloading tasks. Think of it in a beer or beverage distribution warehouse, where efficiency is the name of the game.

Electric Walkie Pallet Stacker

Electric Walkie Pallet Stacker - Types of Electric Pallet Jacks

The Electric Walkie Pallet Stacker is like your walkie pallet jack on steroids. It can lift higher and is perfect for stacking goods onto higher shelves. Warehouses with vertical storage benefit a lot from these stackers. They're also a good alternative to forklifts, as they perform the same task essentially.

Electric Counterbalance Walkie Stacker

Electric Counterbalance Walkie Stacker - Types of Electric Pallet Jacks

This model comes with a counterbalance. The Electric Counterbalance Walkie Stacker can lift hefty loads while keeping its balance. It's used in industries where bulky and heavy items need to be handled.

Off-Road Electric Pallet Jack

Off-Road Electric Pallet Jack - Types of Electric Pallet Jacks

Many of you might not have a use for this types of electric pallet truck, but here's something fun: the Off-Road Electric Pallet Jack. As the name suggests, it's designed for rugged outdoor use. You might find one of these at construction sites or any other business handling pallets outdoors.

Semi-Electric Pallet Jack

Semi-Electric Pallet Jack - Types of Electric Pallet Jacks

The Semi-Electric Pallet Jack is a mix of manual and electric functionality. It can lift loads electrically but needs a human touch for movement. It's a cost-effective option for small to medium warehouses. It is also normally more affordable than full-electric pallet jacks. Semi-electric jacks are also lighter in weight than full-electric jacks. So if you're looking for power and efficiency at a resonable price, consider this option for your operations.

Electric Order Picker

Electric Order Picker - Types of Electric Pallet Jacks

The Electric Order Picker is designed for picking individual items from shelves. It's often seen in order fulfillment centers, making the task of picking and packing orders a breeze.

What are electric pallet jacks called?

Electric pallet jacks are also known as electric pallet trucks, e-jacks, power jacks, electric fork trucks, or electric jiggers. Some people even refer to them simply by their specific type, like 'walkie', 'rider', or 'stacker'.

What is the difference between a walkie rider and an electric pallet jack?

A standard electric walkie pallet jack is a manual-push, electric-lift kind of machine. You guide it by walking behind it. A walkie rider, on the other hand, is a beefed-up version with a platform for the operator to stand on. It's like going from a bicycle to a motorbike!

What is the lifespan of an electric pallet jack?

The lifespan of an electric pallet jack can vary significantly based on a few factors, including the brand, usage, and how well the equipment is maintained. However, under ideal circumstances, and with regular maintenance and proper use, a good quality electric pallet jack can last anywhere from 5 to 7 years, and in most cases even longer. The key to a long lifespan is often regular preventative maintenance, including proper lubrication and timely battery replacements.

Electric Pallet Jack Lifespan

What is the risk of an electric pallet jack?

Like any heavy-duty machinery, electric pallet jacks come with their own set of risks and potential hazards. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  1. Overloading: Overloading the jack beyond its capacity can cause it to malfunction or tip over, leading to potential injury and damage to goods.
  2. Improper Use: Electric pallet jacks should be used according to the manufacturer's instructions. Speeding, sudden stops, or using them on unsuitable surfaces can cause accidents.
  3. Mechanical Failure: If the jack isn't maintained properly, there could be unexpected mechanical failures. This might include issues with braking, steering, or lifting mechanisms.
  4. Pedestrian Accidents: In busy warehouse environments, there's a risk of colliding with pedestrians or other equipment.

Remember, safety training and proper maintenance can greatly reduce these risks. Always use the electric pallet jack as intended and follow the safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Using a daily electric pallet jack inspection checklist can also help you catch any potential issues well in advance.

Can you ride on an electric pallet jack?

Short answer: it depends on the type. For example, you can't ride on a standard walkie. But a walkie rider or an electric rider pallet jack? Absolutely! They're designed for riding and should certainly be used that way.

Do electric pallet jacks have brakes?

Yes, indeed! Many electric pallet jacks come equipped with electromagnetic disc brakes for safe and effective stopping. Our WarehouseWiz electric jacks also come equipped with an emergency stop & reverse button. So if you're in a tight spot, the emergency stop is designed be pushed once the pallet jack handle is pushed against your stomach - Then the electric jack stops and advances slightly to give the operator some space.

Electric jack stop & reverse button


I hope this gives you a good idea of the different types of electric pallet jacks and their uses. Read our full guide on electric pallet jacks if you're looking to learn more about them. Stay safe and keep up the good work!

And if think we should add anything to this article, we'd love to hear your feedback.

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