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Complete Warehouse Equipment List [2024]

by Ion Rotaru 04 Jul 2023 2 Comments

Need to kit out your warehouse but feeling a bit overwhelmed? We're here to help. Our 2024 compilation of must have warehouse equipment is your one-stop guide to transforming your space into a thriving hub of efficiency.

From heavy lifters like forklifts to the brainy warehouse management systems, from the unsung pallets to safety superheroes like fire extinguishers, we've covered it all. We provide quick, understandable descriptions for each, so you're not just equipped, but also informed. So, buckle up and let's gear up your warehouse with this warehouse equipment checklist!

Warehouse equipment list

Material handling equipment

Forklifts: These power-lifters of your warehouse effortlessly move your heaviest items with precision. Forklift - Warehouse equipment list
Pallet jacks: Handy for moving less heavy, palletized goods around, they're like the trusty sidekicks to your forklifts! Pallet jacks - warehouse equipment checklist
Conveyor systems: These moving belts streamline your workflow, transporting goods smoothly across your warehouse. Convevyor system
Carts & Dollies: Just like your personal shopping assistant, these carts & dollies are perfect for moving lighter loads around. Warehouse cart
Hand trucks: Compact yet mighty, these two-wheeled dynamos transport boxes and other goods around your warehouse. Warehouse dollie

Pallets: These sturdy platforms are the unsung heroes that carry your goods safely in storage and transit.

Stack of pallets


Storage systems

Pallet racking: Imagine multi-story parking for your goods - that's pallet racking, optimizing your vertical space! Warehouse racking
Shelving: Shelving is like a library for your goods, keeping smaller items neatly organized and easily accessible. Warehouse shelving
Bins and containers: The perfect solution for tidy sorting, bins and containers keep your small items in check. Warehouse bins


Dock equipment

Dock levelers: Dock levelers smoothly bridge the height difference between the warehouse and vehicle, making loading and unloading a breeze.
Dock leveler
Dock boards: These portable bridges make it easy to connect your dock to trucks, ensuring a smooth cargo movement.
Dock board
Dock seals: Think of dock seals as bouncers, keeping out unwanted air, dust, or pests during loading and unloading. Dock seal for warehouse
Dock lights: Brighten up your loading area with dock lights, ensuring safety and visibility during operations. Dock light for warehouse


Safety equipment

Safety barriers: Just like a shield, safety barriers protect your staff and infrastructure from warehouse machinery mishaps. Safety barriers for warehouse safety
Protective wear: Your warehouse knights need their armor - protective wear keeps your staff safe amidst potential hazards.
Protective wear for warehouse
First aid kits: Quick response to injuries can be life-saving, and that's where your first aid kits come in. Warehouse first aid kit
Fire extinguishers: Like your warehouse's personal firefighters, these devices control or extinguish small fires, keeping everyone safe. Fire extinguisher for warehouse safety


Inventory management systems

Warehouse management system (WMS): This smart software is your command center, managing goods flow and optimizing warehouse functionality. Warehouse-management-system-WMS
Barcode scanners: These digital eyes quickly read barcodes, making inventory management a snap. Warehouse barcode scanners
RFID readers: Like your warehouse's GPS, RFID readers help track and locate items within the warehouse with ease. RFID readers for warehouse


Shipping supplies

Stretch wrap: Keep your goods snug and secure on their journey with stretch wrap.
Stretch wrap machine/tools: These devices do the wrapping for you, making it quicker and more consistent. Much needed for large warehouse with constant in-and-out traffic.
Pallet wrapping machine
Labeling and ID equipment: These tools make sure every item is tagged and easily identifiable. Warehouse labeling equipment


Workspace equipment

Ladders and work platforms: Reach for the sky (or at least the top shelf) safely with ladders and work platforms. Warehouse ladder
Workstations: Think of workstations as the brains of your warehouse operation, a space dedicated to planning, managing, and paperwork. Warehouse work station


What is the most common piece of equipment in warehouses?

The most common piece of equipment found in warehouses is arguably the pallet. Pallets are fundamental to most warehouse operations as they provide a stable platform for storing and moving goods. They are designed to be easily lifted by forklifts, pallet jacks, and other material handling equipment, which makes the handling of goods much more efficient.

Pallets are used in combination with other commonly found equipment like pallet racks, which enable vertical storage and thus optimize the use of space in a warehouse. However, it's the pallets themselves that are the most ubiquitous because of their role in almost all goods handling, storage, and transportation within a warehouse.

Need warehouse equipment?

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