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Unusual Warehouse Jargon - Words Warehouse People Use

by Ion Rotaru 25 Oct 2023 0 Comments

 If you walk into a warehouse for the first time, you'll be blind-sided by so much jargon that'll make your head spin. Some words are self-explanatory, some are used across the whole logistics world, but some are very much regional and even unique to specific warehouses.

Here's a list of warehouse jargon that we've found and what it means.

Warehouse jargon

  1. Cans / Span cans = Containers & overseas containers
  2. Skid = Pallet (though normally 'skid' is used to refer to a specific type of pallet, many use it to refer to all pallets)
  3. Brett = Another word for pallet
  4. Hand stack = Partial pallets that are loaded by hand
  5. Pinwheeling = Alternating 48x40 pallets sideways and straight into a trailer
  6. Safety pallets = Another word for partial pallets since if a pallet falls in the racks, you can use the to save it
  7. HiLo = A forklift (regional to the Detroit area)
  8. Tow motors = Another term for forklifts, originally a brand name but now used generically
  9. Trucks = A general term for forklifts in some regions
  10. Lift = Another term for forklift
  11. Raymond Reach, reach truck, counter balance, Moffit = Different types of forklifts or lifting equipment
  12. Bock = Forklift
  13. Jeeps = Yet another word for forklift
  14. Stickers = Dunnage used in a lumber yard
  15. Crossers = Another word for dunnage
  16. Odds = Pallets wider than 48 inches
  17. Long Sh*t = Pallets longer than 58 inches
  18. Block pallets = Also known as 'bare pallets' or 'white skids'
  19. Hilow = Reach truck
  20. Forklift = Sit down forklift
  21. Scooter = Electric pallet jack (note that it is absolutely not recommended to actually use them as scooters)
  22. Scuds = Another word for electric pallet jacks
  23. Pacer = Stand up forklift (not a reach truck)
  24. Chimney block = Alternating straight and sideways skids
  25. Double sideways = Loading pallets sideways
  26. Single double = Singles in between the doubles to move weight off the nose of the trailer towards the rear
  27. Dropping = Unloading
  28. Cherry pickers = Stock pickers
  29. Bio area = Refrigerated area

What do you think about these? Have anything to add?

If your warehouse uses some 'weird' jargon, comment below and we'd love to add it to our list!

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