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Blue Giant Dock Levelers - Your Complete Guide

by Carllaen Joshua Gonzales 15 Dec 2023 0 Comments

Since 1963, Blue Giant dock levelers have been the standard for dependability, safety, and simplicity of use. They have been in the warehouse equipment industry for a long time, and their dock levelers are built to provide outstanding performance, safety, and durability. 

In this article, we're going to go over all the different types of dock levelers offered by Blue Giant. Not that we're not associated with the Blue Giant Equipment Corporation. We're simply here to provide information about their products. However, we do offer a wide variety of dock levelers and accessories. You can contact us here or see for yourself!

Who is Blue Giant?

Kurt Larsen founded Blue Giant on May 30, 1963, and it soon rose to popularity as a top producer of hand pallet trucks and dock levelers. In order to meet the rising demand, new product options were made, and they quickly took over the dock leveler market.

Dock leveler blue giant

Blue Giant dock levelers

Blue Giant offers a solution for any kind of freight-handling requirement, including pit style, vertical storing, edge-of-dock, and dock lift types. Additionally, every dock leveler helps the building get a higher LEED rating to make your facilities environmentally conscious while saving money and energy. Let's take a closer look at their dock leveler options.

Vertical dock levelers

One ton of refrigerated air. That's how much businesses lose per dock door annually without using vertical storing dock leveler. By maintaining internal temperatures, the Blue Giant VL Vertical Storing Dock Leveler reduces cooling expenses and guards products from spoiling.

Blue giant vertical storing dock leveler

The VL Vertical Storing Dock Leveler is stored upright when not in use, enabling the overhead door to close fully, preventing any contaminants from entering the building.

Available in rated capacities of 30,000 to 60,000 lbs (13,636 to 20,455kgs).

Application benefits:

  • Great for cold storage
  • Contaminant-free and Cleanliness

Product highlights:

  • SmartFloat™ allows the deck to seamlessly match trailer movement during loading and unloading.
  • The unique EasyClean™ deck hinge configuration has no dirt entrapment points.
  • IntelliTilt™ technology uses a precision-based inclinometer to ensure safe and accurate dock positioning.
  • Enhances the internal temperature regulation
  • Lowers the possibility of door damage
  • Reduces the amount of debris entering
  • A continuous one-piece headboard system that increases the front structure of the deck's strength

Hydraulic dock levelers

    Blue Giant Hydraulic Dock Levelers are high-performance, button-activated systems that offer an amazing balance of life expectancy and use. Increased structural durability is ensured by carefully welding reinforced J-beams, extending the life of the product.

    Blue giant hydraulic dock leveler

    Increased productivity at the loading dock can be achieved with the Blue Giant Hydraulic Dock Leveler thanks to its improved safety features, ease of operation, and superior craftsmanship.

    Recommended applications:

      • Fast-paced environments
      • Frequent usage (24-hour operations)
      • High-volume loads

    Product highlights:

      • Inverted deck cylinder self-bleeds continually, reducing internal corrosion and increasing velocity fuse efficiency
      • Platform flexes up to 4" (102mm) under load, maintaining full-width contact between the lip and the truck bed
      • High tensile J-beams allow the deck to flex side to side while maintaining back to front rigidity without distorting
      • Continuous one-piece headboard system intensifies the strength of the deck’s front structure

    Mechanical dock levelers

      To ensure compatibility with air-ride trailers, the Blue Giant Mechanical Dock Leveler features a cadmium-plated hold-down system that keeps the dock lip and trailer bed in continual contact. During loading and unloading, operations run smoothly and silently.

      Blue giant mechanical dock leveler

      The Blue Giant mechanical dock leveler has an industry-wide reputation for quality and performance because of its cutting-edge features, which include a J-beam deck support and an incredibly effective ratchet hold-down system.

      Recommended applications:

        • Non-powered locations
        • Box builds

      Product highlights:

        • Easy-Pull for quicker and easier deployment
        • Minimum of 8 J-beam channels supporting the deck
        • Reduces the risk of dock leveler ‘pop-up’
        • Deck flex of up to 4" (102 mm) when under load

      Air-powered dock levelers

        Even in the most demanding circumstances, the Blue Giant Air-Powered Dock Leveler performs effectively and safely in high operating temperatures, prolonged operation, and contact with corrosive materials. For convenience of weight computation and use, it employs the industry-recognized ANSI MH30.1 total load class specification.

        Blue giant air dock leveler

        Air-powered dock levelers are push-button activated located at the control panel. Once activated, the electric blower motor inflates a two-stage airbag via high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP). Releasing the button deflates the bag allowing the dock leveler lip to sit on the truck bed.

        Recommended applications:

          • Workplaces emphasizing sustainability

        Product highlights:

          • PVC-coated polyester fibres make the bag resistant to chemical or puncture damage
          • Platform flexes up to 4" (102 mm) under load, maintaining full-width contact between the lip and the truck bed
          • Single lip hinge pin enables a stronger distributed load
          • Mechanical fall-safe legs limit free-fall of a loaded platform
          • Continuous one-piece headboard system intensifies the strength of the deck’s front structure

        Edge-of-dock levelers

        The Blue Giant edge of dock levelers are a cost-effective option for situations where the construction of a pit-style leveler or loading docks that accommodate typical trailer heights is not possible. They are an affordable, high-performing option for applications where trailer height variation is minimal.

        Blue giant edge of dock leveler

        In comparison to dock plates, edge of dock levelers are safer, more ergonomic, and easier to use.

        Available models:

        • MD-CM Series Mechanical Model - Rated capacities of 20,000 to 30,000 lbs. (9,090 to 13,636kgs)
        • MD-CH Series Hydraulic Model - Rated capacity of 30,000 lb (13,636 kg)

        Product highlights:

        • Available in mechanical or hydraulic operation
        • Lip bevel helps protect forklift tires and steering systems and cargo
        • Deck and lip plates made of premium grade 50,000 psi minimum yield
        • One-piece, continuous front and rear hinge pins for enhanced strength and durability

        Get your new dock leveler today

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