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Dock Leveler Repair Service in Montreal + The Rest of Canada

by Carllaen Joshua Gonzales 11 Dec 2023 0 Comments

If you're looking to repair your dock leveler, then you should hire a professional to fix it quickly and safely. Longer down time means less productivity and efficiency, which may impact your business' profitability. Even trying to fix it yourself can cause more damage and cost more over the long term. Keep reading to learn about our dock leveler repair services.

Dock leveler repair in Montreal

Here at WarehouseWiz, we offer different dock leveler service and repair options for all different kinds of dock levelers in the Montreal and Quebec area. This includes mechanical, hydraulics, air powered, vertical, and edge of dock levelers.

We've got a network of trusted and reliable dock repair-men that can come out to your location and get you back up and running in no time.

dock leveler repair

Our dock leveller service and repairs are available from Monday to Friday at 7am to 4pm. However, emergency service calls are possible outside those working hours. You can contact us here for more information.

Dock leveler repair in Toronto

We're based in Quebec, but we also offer dock leveler repair services in Toronto. We do this through our network of trusted dock leveler repair companies.

So if you're in need of dock leveler repair services, don't hesitate to email us or call us.

Do you need to replace your dock leveler?

Dock levelers are usually built tough to handle heavy workloads. But overtime, as they get used daily, they wear down and may break down. At this point, you need to identify if you simply need to fix your dock leveler, or replace it with a new one.

Here's how to know if your dock leveler needs to be changed:

  • You're currently using a mechanical leveler or an edge of dock leveler, but your operations require a faster and more efficient hydraulic leveler.
  • You’re redoing your loading bay. This is a great time to replace your dock leveler with a new one.
  • The lip is bent or warped.
  • The top deck is bent or warped.
  • The leveler lifts up as it’s driven over.
  • The lip won't fully extend.
  • The dock leveler is not aligned with the floor. It's either above the floor leveler or below it. Not only can this cause issues when loading and unloading goods, it can also be a safety hazard for employees.
  • There's cracks or some other type of damage to beam welds, which is integral for structural integrity.

replace your dock leveler

    Dock leveler preventive maintenance

    If you don't already, you should certainly have a regular maintenance schedule for your dock levelerAn effective, dependable dock leveler maintenance program will prevent any costly dock leveler repairs that could cost you both time and money in the long time. It also extends equipment life and decreases wear and tear, and reduces the possibilities of malfunction.

    Contact us if you're interested in learning more about our maintenance services. We operate in Quebec, and also work with partners across Ontario and the rest of Canada.

    dock leveler preventative maintenance

    To wrap up

    A well-mainated dock leveler, is a reliable dock leveler. But if you're dealing with a break-down, it's important to get someone to come out and fix it as soon as possible. So that you can get back to doing what you do best.

    To prevent downtime all together, we also suggest that you buy a back-up dock board. It only costs around $1000 (like our 20000lbs dock board for example), but it really comes in handy when your dock leveler breaks down or even when the electricity goes down. In those times, you can simply pickup the dock board with your forklift and keep the flow of pallets going.

    Are you looking to repair or service your dock leveler?

    Looking for "Dock leveler services near me"? Contact us today for all your dock leveler repair or maintenance needs. Our technicians are available during regular business hours, or even after hours and on the weekends in case of emergencies. We also offer other loading dock leveler service that you need.

    We offer our services in the Montreal and Quebec areas, as well as in Ontario through our partners. For emergency calls, you can reach us at 438-817-4797.

    Get a quote for dock leveler repair

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